Fabric & Soft Furnishings

“Only the individual taste, in the end, can truly create style or fashion, since it is not concerned with following in the wake of others. Hence, whatever an individual taste may choose, it must always be based on a deep personal choice, a spiritual need that truly assesses and give value to the chosen object. The beauty of these things is somehow transmitted through the personality of the one who chooses. It is in our selection, after all that we betray our deepest selves, and the individualist can make us see the objects of his choice with new eyes, with his eyes. ” — Cecil Beaton

From her years in film and costume design she has learnt to identify the quality and movement in the flow of fabrics and the texture and weaves that create a depth and tactile pleasure once applied to a piece of furniture or a window treatment.

Our bespoke curtain and soft furnishing service will supply the excellent and practical skills to achieve the very best quality in curtains and blinds.

We will advise you on the most appropriate headings and fabric weights, and supply tracks and curtain poles from a vast range of beautiful designs.

Bespoke Furniture

“Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.” — Jack Kerouac

All our furniture is painstakingly sourced from all corners of the globe. Miv is eclectic in her choices and is known to mix cultures, colours textures and periods in a unique way. Some how these items come together to create an undecorated appearance and give the impression of a home that has evolved over many years of collecting and living with objects chosen with love.

Some of our pieces are modern and handmade by our team of crafts people in India and France. We can bespoke all items to our clients requests.


“The Capacity for Joy is in the gift of paying attention” – Julia Margaret Cameron

It is part of a Stylist’s duty to get the true story of a personality and create an environment  as if it were an artwork. Ask me to find you that special piece. For me it is such a great sense of accomplishment, to find something that sings to a client.. I am a hunter gatherer. I will find it and you can mind it!

Home Styling

“The simplicity of Life is not a misery, but the very foundation of refinement; a sanded floor and whitewashed walls and the green trees, and flowery meads, and living water outside.” — William Morris

Styling a house can make a huge difference to how you feel about your home. It need not be expensive and often it requires only small changes like mood lighting or the addition of soft furnishings or new upholstery to bring a space to life or up to date, depending on a clients needs.

A Stylist can see the areas that let you down and can make affordable and relevant changes based on an understanding of your requirements and a professional eye.Don’t be frightened to ask about small changes. You will be suprised how willing we are to help.